Improve your home’s exterior appearance with a Sunair pergola installed by Stateline Home Services. Our shade structures are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather conditions outside are less than appealing. In the heat of summer, you can relax and entertain outdoors without being overwhelmed by the often overpowering sun. Let’s extend your outdoor season through the fall and winter by incorporating a solid cover or adding a durable shade fabric to your existing cover.


As authorized dealers for Georgia and Florida, Stateline Home Services is proud to offer the OPERA, VISION and BRERA bioclimatic retractable and adjustable Louvered motorized Pergola® structures from Sunair® Awnings. These Pergola® structures are perfect for commercial restaurants, hospitality, hotel, residential patio and deck spaces. They provide you with an alternative unique level of control over nature, combining style and function to create and enhance your outdoor living space.

With a touch of the remote button, the louvers can be positioned anywhere within their 140-degree range of motion for the exact amount of protection or ventilation desired. For rain protection, close the louvers and the rain will be diverted through the integrated gutter system and posts. After the rain, the louvers move at your complete command to allow for more shade or sunshine.

The Brera model offers the additional convenience of fully being able to retract the louvers for an al fresco dining experience. These PRATIC Bioclimatic adjustable Louvered systems are custom made to fit virtually any space and represent the latest in innovation, performance and technology. Our Louvered roof is ideal for any outdoor seating and eating areas such a deck, patio or courtyards.

Pergola Gallery

The Opera & Vision louvered roof Pergola® system is available with below configuration and options.

  • Custom bay sizes up to 16′ 5″ wide x 22′ 11″ projection
  • Multiple units/bays can be added together for larger sizes
  • Motorized with remote control
  • 8 standard frame colors as well as hundreds of optional custom colors
  • Built-in water drainage with integrated rain gutter and posts downspouts
  • Optional Raso side screens for the Opera model
  • Optional RGB lighting, spot LED lighting, and heaters
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty

Whether entertaining or relaxing, the Sunair® adjustable motorized louvered Roof completes your outdoor environment. It’s the ideal enrichment to any commercial space. Now you can utilize your patio to its full potential the way it is meant to be. For the homeowner, you can expand the luxury of your backyard experience. The Opera, Vision, and Brera models are designed for small to large spaces, free standing or wall mounted. Optional LED RGB lighting and spot LED lighting are available for both systems. For the Opera and Brera model, optional Raso roll down screens can protect you further from the sun or be used during the cooler inclement winter months with roll down, vinyl windowed curtains that are also available. We invite you to discover how our custom made louvered Pergola® roofs can be an investment that will pay dividend and show a return on your investement very rapidly.

Sunair® Awnings’ Our unique motorized louvered roof systems are covered by six (6) patents from Pratic in Italy which emphasizes the uniqueness and quality of our products. The units have been tested to see how waterproof they are by the “Giordano Institute” in Italy. The rain simulation was equal to 369 m/hour with a pressure of 3.4 bars in an undefined time of two rain events or downpours. For more information, please inquire with Sunair® main office.

The uniqueness with an adjustable louvered roof Pergola® structure is that the metal louvered blades are opened or closed following a natural cycle of the sun. This enables you the greater flexibility in light penetration or sun blocking. When the blades are opened in the opposite direction to the natural cycle of the sun, the blades block the sun as per below diagram.

There are many reasons we call these Louvered roof Pergola® systems “Bioclimatic”. The obvious reasons we call them bioclimatic is because these systems reduce energy, the consumption of heating and air conditioning , controlling the temperature on the patio or deck. The not so obvious reasons are they meet modern bioclimatic architecture parameters which require respect for the environment, reduced pollution and maintenance and the creation of improved overall comfort both indoors and outdoors. The bioclimatic systems are also ecologically sound. The materials are 99% recyclable.

pergola deck louvers
pergola deck louvers
deck roof shade control
pergola diagram
pergola diagram
pergola design illustration
pergola structur drawing
residential pergola

The BRERA Pergola System from Sunair® Awnings offers you the convenience of fully being able to retract and extend the louvers in addition to angled adjustment to the sun.

Opera, Vision, Brera Advantages

The OPERA, VISION & BRERA can be wall mounted or free standing structures. The supporting profile and guides are 8 ½” high (22 cm). Posts are 15 cm x 15 cm (Foot plate is wider).

Water management within the gutter system and discharge within the posts is a Pratic patent. Optional telescoping post feet are available for ease of installation.

For greater perimeter protection, the OPERA & BRERA model can be configured with optional retractable RASO zipper screens hidden within the beam system.

For the ultimate control over nature, the BRERA model offers the option to fully retract and extend the louvers at a touch of a button the same way that a traditional fabric Pergola roof system functions

Our adjustable louvered systems are solid, made to measure structures that can reach large sizes (16’5” x 22’11” for Opera & Vision models). Coupling of multiple structures to make larger sizes is possible with common posts .

The OPERA, VISION and BRERA RGB LED multi-colored lighting offers a fascinating, elegant remote controlled lighting option (White lights included).

The OPERA, VISION, and BRERA offer more pre-assembled structure components for a safer and easier installation on site.

These are a few of the many available combinations possible for your project. (Contact Us for additional information).